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Environmental Damage

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Ultimate Athlete Evolution


Exclusive Customer Production On-Demand

  • Improved Material Mix
  • Increased Use Of Sustainable Transport
  • Improved Packaging
  • Decarbonized Retail Operations
  • Minimized Returns
  • Reduced Overproduction

Fashion Industry Impact in 2018

CO2-eq produced by the fashion industry

  • 38% Material Production
  • 8% Yarn Preparation
  • 6% Fabric Preparation
  • 15% Wet Processes
  • 4% Cut Make Trim
  • 3% Transport
  • 3% Retail
  • 20% Product Use
  • 3% End-Of-Use

Are fashion retailers honest with their customers?

Why are we aspiring to do better?

Sustainability is important to our team, our customers, and of course, the Earth. We also know that there’s no quick fix for all the sustainability challenges in the fashion industry. To understand more about our efforts, take a look at our sustainability timeline.

Textile Waste Prevention

We’ve increased recycled content and gradually switched to 90%–100% PCR plastic packaging all over North America.

Energy Efficiency

4O% energy efficiency improvement in HVAC & 8O% improvement in lighting in retail operations.

Avoiding Overproduction

Reduction in wastage during garment production to 100%. Ultimate Athlete is completely on-demand.

Water Preservation

8O% energy efficiency improvement in wet processing. 15% reduction washing frequency, 5O% of washes <3O ̊C.

Ultimate Athlete’s mission is to make exclusive on-demand products the criterion on our lovely planet. We’re ambitious. That’s why we’re approaching this goal head-on and letting our hair down.

We Have the Ability to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

General Sustainability Declaration

Sustainability is essential to Ultimate Athlete. We’re getting greener every day with every step we take, while always providing you with the highest grade products you deserve. About 85% of all materials made by the fashion industry end up in landfills, causing them to be a significant contributor to environmental harm. Additionally, one in every five items made by the fashion industry arrives at landfills without being worn even once.

As Ultimate Athlete works with on-demand suppliers, we only make items we get an order for, evading material waste from overproduction. Our printing partner’s high-quality printing technology produces virtually no wastewater and utilizes less power than traditional industry printers.

Information About Production

Every item you visit in our catalog is produced on-demand. When you place an order, we make it, especially for you. This lets us avoid overproduction and material waste, and we’re always moving toward greener production.

One-Of-A-Kind Selection

Did you know that each of our Ultimate Athlete products is made just for you? We make exclusive apparel & accessories when we receive your order for it, avoiding textile waste. So ignore mass-ready-made apparel, and let us make your quality one-of-a-kind item!

Driving Change

True Fashion Value

Featured Endeavors

Material Waste

To lessen our material waste, we’ve implemented two new items, scrunchies & headbands. They are tiny and adequate to be made from material extras that would otherwise have been wasted. To the greatest degree attainable, our damaged and unclaimed returned items get recycled or donated to charities.


Enhancing Our Commodity

Reduce carbon emissions

Alleviate the planet

Build a favorable society

Our Top Priorities

direct-to-garment Printing

This method is typically used for products with high cotton fabric content, like t-shirts, hoodies, beach bags, etc.

DTG Technique

Many of our products are printed with the direct-to-garment (DTG) technique, which is a printing method where ink is first sprayed directly onto the garment, and then it soaks into the fabric. It’s like printing on paper, but on clothing.

Zero Wastewater

We use Kornit printers that render almost zilch wastewater and use less power than traditional industry printers, which reduces our carbon footprint.

Oeko-Tex™ Certified Threads

At Ultimate Athlete, we sew our creations with Oeko-Tex™ certified threads, meaning they’re safe for both grown-ups and youths’ garments. Compared to printing, fabric embroidery is commonly more durable and makes less environmental waste.

Oeko-Tex™ Certified

Our ink for printing is Oeko-Tex™ certified, vegan, water-based, and free of toxic chemicals.

Ultimate Athlete takes sustainability extremely seriously, that’s why we take care to correctly dispose of any left-over ink according to the ink supplier policies.

100% Renewable Energy


Envirosafe Product Materials

There are a lot of justifications for why an item or fabric could be deemed sustainable. Presently, at Ultimate Athlete our Eco-friendly item collection consists of products constructed of at least 70% organic or recycled fabrics or a mix of these cloths.

We’re Involved

Our Sustainability Mission So Far



No Plastic Lids

Changed to triangle poster boxes that don’t have plastic lids



Material Waste Processing

Partnered with Geocycle and Martex to process material waste



1st Recycled Item

Established our first recycled product



Envirosafe Product

Amplified our intention of an Eco-friendly product

Sustainability In Numbers


Items recycled in '22

Material extras conserved and reused for other projects in '22

Product packaging*

This info is for our in-house installations. Clothing items that are fulfilled at our partner facilities may be prepared for packaging differently.

At Ultimate Athlete all clothing products are prepared and packed in post-consumer recycled plastic mailers (PCR). The quantity of PCR in the packaging differs depending on where your order gets printed, but it will be at least 50% for the exterior poly mailer bags (white or grey) and at least 30% for the interior bags (clear) utilized in multi-item deliveries.

PCR packages are created from typical everyday items, such as used plastic bags & bottles. This material safeguards your order just as well as standard plastic bags, nevertheless, selecting PCR over first-use plastics decreases the environmental effect plastic has on our Earth.

Information Regarding Production Times

Each item you view in our catalog is created on-demand, which signifies that once you place your order, we start working to get it to you. It takes a bit for us to make and ship out the product, but creating each order on-demand permits us to evade overproduction. With this method, we get to take care of you and the Earth we all love & share.

Efficient Shipping

About 81% of purchases are shipped out in the same area they’re fulfilled. Maintaining fulfillment hubs near our customers is right both for the business and the Earth. Strategically located fulfillment facilities allow for speedier shipping times and lower shipping prices, and it also aids in lowering the CO₂ emissions created when hauling orders.

Worldwide Shipping Locations:
>> Toronto, Canada
>> Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Partner Facility)
>> Tijuana, Mexico
>> Charlotte, NC
>> Dallas, TX
>> Los Aneles, CA
>> Riga, Latvia
>> Amakusa, Japan (Partner Facility)
>> Kashima, Japan (Partner Facility)
>> Birmingham, UK
>> Barcelona, Spain
>> Brisbane, Australia (Partner Facility)
>> Melbourne, Australia (Partner Facility)

Let Us Know

The journey of evolving into a better environmentally conscious establishment is a long one, and we stay open-minded and welcome customers’ recommendations and views. We’re beginning with sensible, real objectives, and looking forward to finding fresh methods to enhance your experience with us.

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