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I’ve had crazy visions of aspiring to be more in life than what ordinary had to offer. I still have them. It’s something that’s been recurring over and over again for as long as I can think. The fearlessness to possess that vision of a dream and turn it into reality is what defines exceptional from continuing to live regretful full of daydreams.

Deciding to eliminate fear and turn off the naysayers became an obsession. I thought, “my faith, strength, courage, faith, and tenacity must succeed.” You’ve got to trust without any doubt that you can attain and make that vision real.The path was not continuously transparent, but I refused to allow that to prevent me from taking action and seizing the result. I had the option of whether to take steps to the next level or remain stagnant in happy dreams, but regardless of what I chose, my imagination will forever run wild.

My successful journey began with a decision to take my strength, courage, faith, and determination fearlessly towards that first step forward, understanding I have the resolve and will not fail. Taking actionable steps became easier until they were no longer something I struggled with but more of something that I do.

Push on when your body is exhausted. Continue when your mind is roaring for you to stop. Create your own destiny. Go against the grain. Go against all probabilities. Refuse all negative influences. Be strong against all the nonbelievers. Move forward every day with all of your soul. Believe in yourself. Be fearless to become the most promising. Don’t ever Settle.


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Shopping is an exciting time for you and your children. Make it fun. Don’t let it like a chore. New clothes, new kicks, and a new backpack can be delightful. Ultimate Athlete makes it easy. Get exclusive in the Fighter’s Grid.

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MMA Ib-4-Ib Fighter

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Ultimate Collections are an MMA enthusiast’s lifestyle shopping destination in the Fighter’s Grid. The Collections at Ultimate Athlete features a variety of premier brands + Ib-4-Ib Fighter to make available exclusive custom apparel for our loyal customers.

Featuring a wide choice of select fashion, Ultimate Collections provides a central, easy-to-access online shopping destination for the Ultimate Athlete resident & visitor. Our products are designed and manufactured by our in-house experts, and cannot be found anywhere else!

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The 3 Treasures


Get an engraved bracelet of a famous MMA champion, or you become the star with an option to add your own to this bracelet. You can also gift it!


Keep your fighter close to your heart with an engraving of their name. Whether it’s a pro in the octagon or someone you know.


Go bold with a pair of sterling earrings that garner and compliment your favorite MMA star from our Ib-4-Ib Fighter collection.

Custom MMA Jewelry

Carving Out Legends

Behind every fight is the fighter. Our visionary founder, W.S. Dais, defined legendary jewelry designs for almost mythical-like figures as we know to love them and established the Ultimate Athlete Ib-4-Ib Fighters Sterling Silver Collection of the best in the octagon as an enduring symbol of love for MMA.

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Known designers are few worldwide, just like Ib-4-Ib fighters who've inspired innovation, artistry, and craftsmanship. Create your artistry. Reach out to Ultimate Athlete to make your vision and unique idea a reality.

Exclusive Selections

With your unique interpretation of nature's beauty in different fabrics and colors, Dais's exclusivity marks strength, endurance, and appeal. Get organics, uniqueness, custom, and original brand collaboration.


Your Design Your Choice

When someone looks into our Ultimate Athlete Window, we want him or her to do a double—even a triple—take. You can experience the sudden fresh insight the UA Designers call the 'ahhhh' of complete satisfaction.



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Premium Brands + Ultimate Athlete
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Ib-4-Ib Fighter

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How’s That For An Invitation?

No such item as jewelry is too hard to recall when you’re wearing Ib-4-Ib Silver Sterling. Nothing stands out like Fighter Sterling—especially when in 18k rose gold bracelets. The MMA star meets their match in bold Ultimate Athlete Hard-wear designs.

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